Smart Digi Solutions works with organizations to design, develop and deploy new and expanded solutions as well as upgrade and migrate existing applications. These engagements span all facets of the Performance Management and Business Intelligence platforms.

Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) applications combined with the innovation and simplicity of the cloud, enable companies of any size to drive predictable performance, report with confidence, and connect the entire organization.

Account Reconciliation

Organizations often have to perform countless account reconciliations each month. As a manual process, this requires considerable resources, takes too long, and can delay the financial reporting process.

Oracle's Account Reconciliation Cloud efficiently manages and improves global account reconciliation by exploiting automation and comprehensively addressing security and risk typically associated with the process.

Enterprise Data Management

Do you struggle with managing change in your enterprise? Do you operate in a fast-paced business environment? Is it difficult to get your people, policies, processes and tools in place to align your strategic priorities with execution? …even with the hybrid coexistence of assets on-premise and in the cloud? If so, Oracle’s Enterprise Data Management may be a solution for your organization.

Enterprise Data Management is a next generation data application that helps organizations stay ahead of routine and transformational changes. In doing so, they provide collaborative modeling to synthesize and deploy business, financial, and digital transformations across the enterprise while ensuring on-going maintenance across a full spectrum of change management patterns. Enterprise Data Management provides that single platform to flexibly manage enterprise data while maintaining data integrity and enterprise application alignment.

Enterprise Performance Reporting

The current integration of narrative into performance-reporting processes is manual, ad hoc, and highly prone to error. Organizations require a process that can streamline internal and external reporting processes while combining data with narrative in a single environment.
Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud is a purpose-built solution in the Cloud for management and narrative reporting. IT provides a secure, collaborative, process-driven approach for defining, authoring, reviewing and publishing financial and management report packages for internal and external stakeholders, as well as a cross-cloud service reporting tool for producing integrated Cloud EPM reporting.

Enterprise Planning & Budgeting

Excel is easy to use, flexible and powerful and is used by millions to solve various tasks. However, when it comes to planning & managing an organization’s company budget, Excel isn’t ideal. Once Excel needs to scale to handle the many facets of the planning process, the solution becomes manually intensive, error prone and performance degrades. Oracle’s Enterprise Planning Cloud is designed to solve this challenge.

Oracle Planning Cloud is simply “planning made easy”. Spend more time running your business, and less time, maintaining planning processes. Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud is a perfect fit for both corporate finance as well as operational planners around the enterprise (e.g. sales, marketing, HR, IT, and the lines of business, etc.). It empowers operational planners with flexibility, scalability and the ownership to plan the way they want, while still offering the transparency and control required for corporate finance.

Financial Consolidation & Close

For many organizations, managing the financial consolidation and close process is a burden that takes time and resources that could be better used for analysis and decision-making. Oracle Financial Close and Consolidation Cloud Service (FCCS) provides an end to end solution for both effectively and efficiently managing the consolidation and close process.

No matter what the size of the company, organizations can have 100% confidence in their financial close, consolidation and reporting processes. Oracle FCCS ensures process are: dependable and correct, timely and transparent, streamlined and efficient and, compliant and auditable.

Profitability & Cost Management

Insight to profitability and cost should be a fast, intuitive and automatic process, but too often this is not the case. Many companies either spend too much time on manually manipulating spreadsheets and understanding key drivers of profitability or, worse yet, spend no time on understanding due to the perceived complexities of the process. The use of custom-build allocation tools, or black-box calculation solutions, contributes to the problem by creating an over-reliance on IT for business process that should be owned by business users.

Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Could dramatically changes this situation. It provides business users with a solution to significantly automate and take ownership of allocation-based business processes such as customer/product profitability, management allocations, shared service costing, cost transparence initiatives, and legal entity allocations to support operation transfer pricing.

Tax Reporting

One of the key components for building an effective, efficient, and transparent corporate tax function is proper access to financial data and processes. Yet, most corporate finance systems don’t meet the needs of corporate tax for processes such as tax provision and country by country reporting (CbCR) and other tax data collection and reporting requirements.

Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud solves this dilemma by delivering a tax-owned solution that works with your finance systems to help deliver effective, efficient, and transparent corporate tax processes including tax provision and country by country reporting (CbCR).